We know families. We know our stuff.

We are dedicated to family insight and innovation. We have our own growing independent base of parents, grandparents of kids aged 0-18 years old, whom we work with and involve, helping brands understand their lives, decisions and dilemmas.

As family insight experts we believe in working, as much as we can, within the families natural journey - this is where the gems of insight and innovation often lie and the truth is outed.

We are insight and innovation experts too. We have helped brands, in all sectors, asked the right questions to the right people, watched, analysed and provided guidance and recommendations that has grown their products and services.

Having been immersed in the family world for the last 8 years – starting successfully with MumPanel and growing, as families do to ensure all connections are joined and voices are heard.

So, if you’d like to find out more about how we can help please get in touch

What we do

  • New product development

    New Product Development – From end to end or at different stages our expert team and panel can help guide, ideate and deliver that new family product or service.

  • In-home testing

    Gaining real insight during every day journeys our families can taste test, play with or use your products and service within their natural environments. Feeding back via videos, questionnaires and diaries.

  • Getting to know your customers

    Do you really know your audience? We have programmes for you to get to know, understand and empathise with your consumers.

  • Opinion pods

    Our style of focus groups. Not held in sterile rooms but in relaxed environments from front rooms, cafes to parks. Hosted by a moderator who understands and can relate to the group.

  • Social listening

    We analyse what parents are talking about on social media platforms, why they are talking about it, identifying needs, barriers and hooks that might be relevant to your brand.

  • Active Ethnography

    We conduct ethnographic insight, observing what families actually do and not just what they say, then make sense of their behaviour. Also, we have permission to be in the family world and we can actively be part of their world, immersing within and not just being an observer.

  • Sense Checking

    Sometimes you just need to sense check ideas or thoughts quickly with independent families – we can do that via our panel or our experts.

  • Family Surveys

    We conduct online quantifiable parent and child surveys via our base and hub families, whether it’s gathering insights, testing concepts or evaluating your brand.