Quick Family Insight – October 2019

Last month we conducted a delve* into UK families household habits and below are 3 of our top findings that interested us:

1. Over a quarter of families (27%) buy from the ‘free from’ section when grocery shopping and it’s not always due to a dietary want or need but because families feel these products are ‘healthier’ or offering something ‘different’ so are buying for the whole family.

2. Nearly half of families have reduced their disposable spending in the last 12 months – takeaways and eating out have been hit hardest (down 60%) but they are enjoying more ‘stay in time’ with the family – cooking something different or having bake off challenges.

3. 1/3 of families will be re-gifting or buying ‘second-hand’ presents this Christmas. An increase in families actively re-using and recycling more rather than buying from new – now 68% which is a jump up from 53% in March of this year. This links in with the point above about saving money as well as the planet.

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*Survey conducted with The Family Panel in Sept 2019 with 1,086 parents of 0-18 year olds.