Family Dynamics & Trends 2019

    Our Future of Families report reveals where families are really at – their wants, needs and concerns now and for the future. Looking at it from the perspectives of parents, children and grandparents. We take a deep delve looking at the changing dynamics of the family, what’s new for them, what’s different and what … Continued

Family Spending and Traditions this Christmas

1.Families are cutting back this Christmas with 27% saying they are going to spend less. This is due to many trying to be savvier and to not go overboard and overindulge – the Martin Lewis effect. However, for quite a sizable portion of families they have no choice, as their household income increases to be … Continued

Family Margins Becoming Mainstream

Only 4 or 5 years ago plastic and packaging were not at the forefront of the majority of families shopping concerns. It was in the mix and when we spoke to brands many said that ‘it always comes up but it’s a nice to have but not a deal breaker’. However, we started to hear … Continued

45,000 families at your fingertips

    Happy February! Now we have moved out of the doldrums of January here’s some news on the growth of our family panel and some easy access services at your finger tips. And remember, if you ever need research or innovation with families (mums, dads, grandparents, millenials – all of them!) we’re here to … Continued

Kah toh-loo Furby Connect!

There are certain toys that stay with you. I remember my first bike, I remember my Barbie dolls (even the ones I shaved the hair off) and I definitely remember Furbies. The first Furbies appeared 18 years ago and I was well past the age when I should have been buying them, but I remember … Continued

I had a baby and joined a tribe

When I was pregnant with Mia I didn’t worry a lot. I knew I had good friends. I knew I had great family support. Everyone I spoke to told me I’d easily combine a career working from home with childcare. I pictured long leisurely lunches with friends, I imagined gently rocking her to sleep, one … Continued

Smiggle – the word is spreading

“Have you been? Your two would love it” We know there’s nothing more powerful than parent to parent recommendation, the power of conversation between two people who trust each other (92% trust friends and family recommendation over any other form of advertising). And when that power is combined with a fresh approach to the high … Continued

Fitbits & Sausages

This time last year mums were spreading the word and their recommendations for Aldi Prosecco. They were raving about the taste and price and telling other mums about it. So what’s getting mums talking and giving recommendations in 2016? Fitbits Have you done your 10,000 steps today? Mums asked for Fitbits for Christmas and birthday … Continued