What does it take to win the baby pound?

The blows to the UK high street keep coming and recently with force to maternity and infant retailers, so we asked our panel of parents, and parents to be what their current purchase behaviour and decision making is within this market to see what we can learn. 1.’Showrooming’ for the best deal – an all … Continued

Christmas Parent and Children Research Insights

Our family research reveals that this Christmas, It’s time to be savvy! From our family research, we know that a 1/3 of families this year will be spending less on Christmas. Belts are tightening and this means that families are focussing down and being savvy but impactful where they can. As one parent said: ‘By doing … Continued

Quick Family Insight – October 2019

Last month we conducted a delve* into UK families household habits and below are 3 of our top findings that interested us: 1. Over a quarter of families (27%) buy from the ‘free from’ section when grocery shopping and it’s not always due to a dietary want or need but because families feel these products … Continued

Get Approved by Families and Parents

Gain the seal of approval from families The Approved by Families Mark is gained by getting your target families to try, test and approve your products or services. The mark can be used on pack. In PR or in communications to show that families trust and recommend you. Plus, it provides you with valuable independent … Continued

Family Panel Insights For Bear Urban Fresh Foods Ltd

We’ve just completed a great project with the team @BEAR, providing some very useful family insights and recommendations from the perspective of both parents and kids that are making a difference. As part of the project, we carried out a parent survey with The Family Panel base and in-home testing with kids to provide the … Continued

Family Dynamics & Trends 2019 Future Families Report

  Our Future of Families report reveals where families are really at – their wants, needs and concerns now and for the future. Looking at it from the perspectives of parents, children and grandparents. We take a deep delve looking at the changing dynamics of the family, what’s new for them, what’s different and what really … Continued

Family Spending and Traditions this Christmas

1.Families are cutting back this Christmas with 27% saying they are going to spend less. This is due to many trying to be savvier and to not go overboard and overindulge – the Martin Lewis effect. However, for quite a sizable portion of families they have no choice, as their household income increases to be … Continued

Family Margins Becoming Mainstream

Only 4 or 5 years ago plastic and packaging were not at the forefront of the majority of families shopping concerns. It was in the mix and when we spoke to brands many said that ‘it always comes up but it’s a nice to have but not a deal breaker’. However, we started to hear … Continued

45,000 families at your fingertips

Happy February! Now we have moved out of the doldrums of January here’s some news on the growth of our family panel and some easy access services at your finger tips. And remember, if you ever need research or innovation with families (mums, dads, grandparents, millenials – all of them!) we’re here to help just … Continued