Is sugar killing our children?

It’s a controversial headline but one you’ll have seen splashed across the press in the last few days.  This week the World Health Organization advised that we should all halve our daily sugar consumption in order to tackle the growing obesity crisis and other health problems such as tooth decay.  Much of the advice given … Continued

How do you become a favourite brand with mums?

In the Big Mum Opinion, our indepth study of over 3000 mums in the UK, we discovered the key fundamentals of service, quality, price and customer service are as important as ever. It’s vital to mums that a product or service really works and brings them so benefit – and as a brand you have … Continued

Mums and grocery shopping – trends from The Big Mum Opinion

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing trends we’ve drawn out from our large scale consumer insight report from 3000 UK mums – The Big Mum Opinion. This week we’re talking grocery shopping Mums ‘multi-shop’ for groceries. Over 78% of mums use more than one shop (including online) to buy their grocery shopping in … Continued

New report: The Big Mum Opinion

2013 was a significant year for MumPanel. We decided to undertake one of the biggest, indepth research projects into mums in the UK. We set some tricky targets – speak to 3000 mums, gather a real understanding of where mums will be in 2014 – what they want, what they need, what brands are getting … Continued

Mums and lunchboxes – September 2013

We’re two weeks into the new school term and lots of mums are thinking about lunches. Specifically what to put in their child’s lunchbox that keeps them happy and ensures they have a full tummy but meets school deadlines and doesn’t break the bank! As you can tell from that list lunchboxes have become a … Continued

MumPanel Approved – new parent stamp of approval

This week we are officially launching the MumPanel Approved quality mark. Most parents struggle to choose between the vast array of products on the market – how do you know what’s best for your child, what product offers the best value, is it a quality product? What most mums do is ask friends and family … Continued

The winning idea – Cultured Kids Travel Kit

As part of The Big Mum Opinion we asked mums (and dads and grandparents) to come with an idea for a product or service that would make parents’ lives easier. Our panel of judges, including Soreen Managing Director Paul Tripp; inventor and founder of Brother Max, Jonathan Gold; top blogger Nickie O’Hara; and entrepreneur and … Continued

5 ways brands can help mums fill lunchboxes

Last week the papers were full of news of schools banning packed lunches. Behind the headlines was the release of a report called The Independent School Food Plan. The plan outlines a number of recommendations to change the eating behaviours of school children in the UK. One of those recommendations is that 70% of school … Continued