MumPanel Mothers Day Research Findings

It’s Mothers Day on Sunday (just in case you’ve forgotten!) and we asked our mums what that meant to them. Over 90% said they celebrated it in their household and when asked what it meant to them the overwhelming response was spending time with their family and about appreciation – of their own mum, their … Continued

New report: The Big Mum Opinion

2013 was a significant year for MumPanel. We decided to undertake one of the biggest, indepth research projects into mums in the UK. We set some tricky targets – speak to 3000 mums, gather a real understanding of where mums will be in 2014 – what they want, what they need, what brands are getting … Continued

5 Top Tips For Marketing To Mums

With Mothers’ Day on the horizon we thought we’d put together our top five tips for marketing to mums. The biggest issue we encounter when companies market to mums is that they don’t really seem to understand where mums are right now- what is going on in their lives, what plays on their minds when … Continued

Lunchbox battles – does mum always win?

Last week Lynne presented at the Market Research Society Kids & Youth conference on food propositions for the children’s market.  We wanted to talk about what kids want in their lunchboxes versus what parents want to see them eating and what influences parents’ decision making.  We asked our MumPanel for their views by survey and … Continued

Food labelling and checkout sweeties – our mums have their say

The Government has announced it is going to introduce a voluntary traffic light labelling system for foods in supermarkets to help people make healthier food choices.  An Asda representative was interviewed on Radio 4 about the scheme and was taken to task over their ‘guilty’ checkouts (filled with sweet and treats). We wanted to know … Continued

Forget Christmas, let’s book a holiday!

It’s only two months until Christmas and in every shop the shelves are packed with Christmas goodies. We asked our MumPanel what they’ll be spending their money on this Christmas and there were some surprising results.  We wanted to know if mums are feeling the financial pinch this year – 30% said they would be … Continued

Car seats – combining safety with sales

If you want to sell more effectively to mums (and dads) then you need to identify what it is they want. And that’s not as simple as having the right products on the shelf, especially when those products are going to be used for transporting our precious children around. A few weeks ago we got … Continued

Does sex sell potatoes to mums?

That’s the question we answered in a recent survey for Fresh Produce Journal. Samantha Lyster, deputy editor, approached us asking whether we’d help her understand what influences mums’ decision making process when it comes to buying fresh fruit and vegetables. She particularly wanted to understand how much influence advertising campaigns had on mums and in … Continued

Back to school – uniforms

It’s that not-so-joyful time of year for mums when we have to schlep around the shops looking for school uniform. It’s time to weigh up the pros and cons of costs versus quality, money back guarantees versus promises of kid-tested, whatever you can grab versus careful planning with compliant children.   We asked our mums … Continued