A shower curtain? Mum insight

Everything we do at MumPanel is about mum insight. From asking our mums what they think about a new product or service to surveying mums to help with product development – we know the views and opinions of mums matter to the companies we work with.

This week we took to our facebook group to ask our mums about the one item they couldn’t live without. The answers were varied (and yes wine and chocolate were on the list) but the one stand out was a £2 shower curtain!

As our MumPanel mum went onto explain “I use it in [the] garden under a blanket when the ground’s still damp, on the table as a table cloth for painting, under the high chair for messy eaters and weaning stage, over the mattress for wee accidents when just out of nappies, for on the bed when sickness bugs strike, under the chair when dying my hair.”

Who knew a shower curtain could be so versatile?

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