Using Tech To Talk To Mums

In our last blog I talked about how brands need to make sure they don’t forget where mums are spending their time everyday. So we know that word of mouth when out and about and social media play their parts, but what does the role of other technology play in all of this?

Using technlogy to talk to mums

There’s no doubt mums now use all sorts of technology as part of their everyday lives – nearly everyone has an email address and uses the internet. Most mums have smartphones, some use social media (but quick note brands, not always in the way you need, expect or might want them to!).

What is emerging in this field is the growth of ebooks and apps – several brands have cottoned onto this and have released shopping/information apps or other e-content in the last few months. We think that’s a pretty smart move.

Mums don’t have much time, so if you can provide a way for me to get information or do jobs on the run then I’m going to grab it with both hands. Answer my questions and make my life easier? Where do I sign up!?

Using Technology To Engage Mums

The question is how do you use technology appropriately so you engage mums, create loyalty and get them to buy?

A great place to start is by providing information. As soon as you get pregnant you have questions – what should I eat, where will I give birth, how much has my baby grown? And once the baby arrives you have a million more questions.

Our research has shown that mums use other mums and their own family as a primary touchpoint for information. But we know this must be balanced with the fact that mums are deep consumers of information, gathering from multiple sources and in many different media – from a leaflet at the doctor’s surgery, to being told about a new app by a mum friend on facebook.

If you take an informational approach to engaging with mums you create deeper connections as they see you as a valuable part of their parenting life. And that’s where loyalty begins.

Creating Family Insights For Marketers & Brands

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