Mums and grocery shopping – trends from The Big Mum Opinion

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing trends we’ve drawn out from our large scale consumer insight report from 3000 UK mums – The Big Mum Opinion. This week we’re talking grocery shopping
  1. Mums ‘multi-shop’ for groceries. Over 78% of mums use more than one shop (including online) to buy their grocery shopping in a typical week. And 28% use three or more. 70% because of offers and 39% because of better quality fresh food and vegetables.
  2. Mums love loyalty schemes, but rarely pick one to be ‘loyal’ to. Mums told us that their loyalty to stores is now shared – they are often loyal to two or three supermarkets.
  3. It’s not all about supermarkets. Although supermarkets are a staple, mums told us that they can shop in a bargain store (17%), farm shop (9%) and supermarket (80%) in the same day or week for their household groceries.
  4. Offers and the quality of a product are not mutually exclusive. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because mums love offers they are necessarily willing to compromise on quality, convenience or ethics. Quality of product is still incredibly important to many mums and they won’t go for a cheaper product if they perceive it to be of an inferior quality.
  5. Mums like a choice of communication channels too. In-store marketing is still very important to mums – they are in the shopping zone and think it is a good time for brands to talk to them – even the online and social media savvy mums say so. Mums multi-shop and they also use multiple communication channels to decide.
            If you’d like to read the full Big Mum Opinion report you can get your hands on it here.


            1. Grocery shopping with children just the thought of it is enough to make parents shudder. Also there will be critical stares or even comments from others. But your grocery shopping will become easier when you have a plan. You can’t expect your kids naturally know how to behave at the grocery store. So spend time teaching your kids the ropes of grocery shopping.

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